Product: Flanges

We offer comprehensive variety of stainless steel flanges, which are available in different diameters or sizes. These are made of qualitative raw material that ensures the resilience of such flanges. Moreover we have a special range of stainless steel pipe flanges for you and we can also design them as per your specifications and requirements. Bulky order for Stainless steel flanges can be easily executed by us in a stipulated time frame. In addition, we have set the benchmark as a well known steel flanges supplier and Exporter.


Lap Joint Flange, used with a matching stub end. Bolt holes can be aligned with pipe after welding. They are useful for complex spools and rigid pipe work.

Socket Weld Flange, pipe fits in to the recess to allow smooth flow through the flange. They are used for small diameter applications.

Blind Flange, normally a flat disk with raised or RTJ face to match mating flange.

Threaded Flange, can be attached to the pipe without welding. Saves time and cost. They are unsuitable for large diameters and external loads.

Welding Neck Flange, characterized by its smooth hub transition from flange to weldend.
These are the most common type of high pressure flange.